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We have won, through hard work for our clients and justice, over 1 billion dollars in record setting verdicts and settlements on behalf of injury victims and their families.



$74.525 million for the victim of a birth injury caused by m



$45 Million verdict for the wrongful death of a mother kille



$40 million for the wrongful death of a 33 year old son



$38.6 million for a young man who suffered a traumatic brain



$31.6 million for a young woman with a traumatic brain injur



$29.25 million win against State Farm for brain injury, afte



$21.6 million jury verdict in a contested motorcycle collisi



$18.6 million verdict on behalf of a child who was run over



$17 million for a woman with a traumatic brain injury where



$16.4 million awarded for medical malpractice



$13.86 million for a professional fighter who suffered a mil



$12 million win against State of California for negligent



$10.6 Million verdict on behalf of a student who suffered a



$10.25 million policy limits for below the knee amputation



$10 million win traumatic brain injury



$8.3 million judgment for a US Navy Veteran who suffered a p



$7.6 million for a client when the defense offered only $300



$6.9 million for a college football player with a traumatic



$6.1 million for a victim of assault & battery which resulte



$4 million jury verdict awarded in Des Moines, Iowa in motor



$3.7 million for a patient who was the victim of medical mal



$3.5 million for injured motorcyclist involved in collision



$3 million for a man who who suffered serious injuries after



$2.25 million for a lifeguard who suffered a back injury aft



$2.1 million for a homeless man who was a victim of a hit-an



$1.6 million verdict on behalf of a 15 year old who suffered



$1.5 million for a grocery worker who was injured in a motor



$1.23 million for a veteran and former railroad worker who s



$1.2 million record jury verdict awarded in Winneshiek Count



$1 million jury award for a soft-tissue injury where State F



$600,000 jury verdict in Des Moines County, Iowa for nursing

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We are a law firm dedicated to helping families and victims of Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Wrongful Death, Serious Injury Accidents, Nursing Home Negligence, Insurance Bad Faith, and Medical Malpractice. A perennial powerhouse, in calendar year 2016 alone, Trial Lawyers for Justice law firm has obtained on behalf of its injury clients record


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TBC EXCLUSIVE: KHSD police chief files suit against district, alleges retaliation

Joseph Lopeteguy, the whistleblowing police chief who discovered that his bosses at the Kern High School District were for decades misusing a sensitive police database to spy on students, job applicants and others, filed a civil suit Friday in what could be the first of several related complaints. Lopeteguy’s suit — filed by law firms … Continue reading “TBC EXCLUSIVE: KHSD police chief files suit against district, alleges retaliation”

Nick Rowley Featured On Trial Guides For “Chicken Suit” Case

As America’s leading litigation publisher, we hear a lot of great trial stories. After all, we publish the best trial lawyers in the country—including more Inner Circle of Advocate members than all of the other legal publishing companies combined. But when we heard about one of Nick Rowley’s recent trials, we had a hard time … Continue reading “Nick Rowley Featured On Trial Guides For “Chicken Suit” Case”

Attorney Nick Rowley Comments On $127 Million Verdict Awarded to Sexual Assault Victim

DES MOINES, March 7, 2017/PRNewswire/—Attorney Nick Rowley of Trial Lawyers for Justice recently commented on the $127 million verdict awarded to a child who was a victim of sexual assault and her family. James Hohenshell was found guilty of lascivious acts with a child and supplying alcohol to a minor back in 2014 and sentenced … Continue reading “Attorney Nick Rowley Comments On $127 Million Verdict Awarded to Sexual Assault Victim”

Attorney Nick Rowley Featured In Forbes Article

Brian Rashid, contributor to Forbes, recently interviewed attorney Nicholas Rowley about a personal approach to business and how it can make you successful. Rowley shared tips on his personal growth as a human and a lawyer, and how compassion and staying true to his roots has helped him grow as a person individually and professionally. Read … Continue reading “Attorney Nick Rowley Featured In Forbes Article”

$4M Awarded To Drunk Driving Victim After Trial Featuring Testimony From Olympic Gymnastics Champ

Nick Rowley tried a case before an Iowa state court jury on Friday and was awarded $4 million to the aunt of former Olympic gold medalist and reality television star Shawn Johnson East, after she was struck by a drunk driver.

The panel said Cheryl Bronson, 58, should receive $3.5 million in compensatory damages and $425,000 in punitive damages for injuries she sustained after Ryan Foley, 25, struck her vehicle in 2015. Foley pleaded guilty to criminal DUI charges in January and had admitted liability in Bronson’s civil case, leaving the jury to determine just the amount of damages she should receive.

Continue reading the full story on 

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