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Attorney Nick Rowley Comments on “The Bachelor” Star Chris Soules’ Arrest For Fatal Hit and Run

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Attorney Nick Rowley of Trial Lawyers for Justice recently commented on the tragic hit and run that occurred last night near Aurora. Chris Soules, who is known from ABC’s hit show The Bachelor, allegedly rear ended a tractor and left the scene of the accident before law enforcement officers arrived. The collision sent both the tractor and Soules’ truck into a nearby ditch. The driver of the tractor, Kenneth Mosher, was transported to Mercy Hospital, but has since passed away.

“Mr. Soules decision to flee the scene of the crime instead of calling for emergency medical services could have cost Mr. Mosher his life,” Rowley says. “Hopefully, the state and Mr. Mosher’s family take swift legal action to force Mr. Soules to face both civil and criminal penalties as a result of his selfish decision.”

“The investigation is ongoing, so not much is known about Mr. Soules whereabouts before and after the accident,” Rowley continues. “However, court documents revealed that investigators found alcoholic beverages or containers at the scene, indicating that Mr. Soules may have been intoxicated at the time of the accident.”

“As an attorney who has won over $1 billion for victims and their families in cases against drunk drivers and other personal injury cases, I know firsthand how devastating it can be to learn that a loved one was injured or killed by an intoxicated driver,” Rowley states. “Although Mr. Mosher’s family is without a doubt still reeling from this tragedy, I encourage them to explore their legal options and aggressively seek justice.  My heart goes out to the family and also members of the community who have lost a good Iowan.”

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