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Preventing Common Summertime Accidents

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Summer is the supposed to be full of fun, but unfortunately, accidents often get in the way. If you want to enjoy the remaining days of summer, make sure you follow these tips to prevent some of the most common summertime accidents:

Drowning/Swimming Pool Injuries

There’s nothing like escaping from the summer heat by jumping into a pool. If you plan on being in a swimming pool this summer, make sure you know how to protect yourself from drowning and other common swimming pool injuries. To avoid head injuries, always walk instead of running around the slippery edges of a pool. You should also look for signage that indicates which end of the pool is shallow so you don’t accidentally dive into this side.

Most drowning accidents involve children who aren’t strong swimmers. If you have children, they should be supervised at all times when around a pool. Kids that aren’t good swimmers should wear flotation devices to help them stay afloat while in the water—even if they are being closely supervised by an adult. If you’re worried about your child getting into the pool when you’re not around, be sure to install a pool fence with a latch that your child cannot open on his own. You should also remove all pool toys from the pool area when they are not in use so your child doesn’t become tempted to run outside and play with them. By following these tips, you could prevent a tragic accident at the pool this summer.

Hot Cars

One of the most tragic summertime accidents involves leaving kids in hot cars for an extended period of time. Adults may not realize how quickly the inside of a car can heat up during the summer, and if left inside, children can suffer serious heat injuries that are often fatal.

Don’t ever leave children in a hot car during the summer—even if you think you will only be gone for a few minutes. Temperatures can increase more than 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes, so even a quick trip inside the grocery store could leave your kids in unbearable heat.

Parents often make the mistake of thinking that if the weather outside is nice, the temperatures won’t be too high inside the car. But, this is not the case. It’s possible for the inside of a car to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit even when it’s a cool 60 degrees outside. For this reason, parents should always assume that it’s too hot for their kids to be left inside a car.


People often fire up their grills during the summer, which leads to an increase in burn injuries. Grill accidents can occur when a child makes contact with the fire or when an adult squeezes lighter fluid onto hot coals instead of unlit coals. Burn injuries during the summer are also associated with the use of fireworks. These accidents tend to occur around the Fourth of July, when people mishandle a firework while under the influence of alcohol.

To avoid these injuries, keep kids away from grills and fireworks at all times. If you plan on using fireworks, read the instructions carefully before you light them. It’s recommended that you only light one at a time so you can keep a close eye on it until the flame has been extinguished. Fireworks should never be pointed at anyone, and once they’ve been set off, you shouldn’t try to relight them.

To prevent grill injuries, make sure the grill is thoroughly cleaned at all times so grease and fat do not add more fuel to the fire. You should never leave the gas on while the lid on the grill is still closed. This will cause gas to build up under the lid, and could lead to a fireball when you decide to light it. You can never be too safe, so it’s recommended that you keep a fire extinguisher close by whenever you use a grill.

Motorcycle Accidents

Summer is the perfect time to ride a motorcycle, so there are usually more bikers on the road during this season. Unfortunately, more motorcyclists on the road also means more motorcycle accidents. As a motorcyclist, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Motorists often have a hard time seeing motorcyclists, which is why they crash into them when changing lanes, driving through an intersection, or making turns. If you’re a motorcyclist, it’s best to assume that other drivers cannot see you so you use extra caution.

Always wear as much safety gear as possible to limit injuries in the event of an accident. Motorcyclists should wear helmets, gloves, boots, full-length pants, and long-sleeved shirts. The clothing should not be loose-fitting, or it may distract you as you’re riding. This safety gear won’t prevent all injuries, but it could protect you from some, including severe traumatic brain injuries and road rash.

Bicycle Accidents

Motorcyclists aren’t the only ones who enjoy the summer weather—bicyclists do, too. If you plan on getting on a bike this summer, make sure you put distractions such as your cell phone away. Focus solely on the road and what the other drivers are doing so you can protect yourself. Try not to ride at night, but if you have to, then make yourself visible by wearing reflective clothing. If you are biking alongside traffic, make sure that you are biking with the flow of traffic instead of against it.

Just like motorcyclists, bicyclists should also wear safety gear such as a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and athletic shoes that protect the feet. Wearing this type of gear can protect bicyclists from suffering serious injuries in the event of a collision.

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