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Nick Rowley Podcast – Case Feature – Destiny Reyes

December 15, 2017

Nick Rowley was recently interviewed by DK Global regarding the Destiny Reyes case.  Listen along to the full podcast at the link below to learn more about the case, how Nick prepares for a case, and the tools he uses in conveying complex medical conditions to a jury.

When Is A Slip, Trip & Fall Potential Grounds For A Lawsuit?

November 6, 2017

A slip and fall or trip and fall accident occurs when someone slips or trips and injures themselves while on another person’s property. Victims can lose their footing after encountering a number of different safety hazards, including uneven flooring, slippery floors, torn carpeting, electrical cords or cables, piles of snow or ice, and clutter. In … Continue reading “When Is A Slip, Trip & Fall Potential Grounds For A Lawsuit?”

Preparing For Winter: Personal Injury Snow Clearing Tips

October 23, 2017

Clearing snow from the sidewalk and driveway outside of your home can be exhausting—and dangerous. If you’re not careful, you could injure your back or suffer far more serious injuries by slipping and falling on the snow. Protect yourself this winter by following these snow clearing tips: Know Your Responsibilities Many areas require homeowners to … Continue reading “Preparing For Winter: Personal Injury Snow Clearing Tips”