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How to Find the Best Brain Injury Attorney

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) may occur over sections of the brain or in one specific area. Damage may appear instantly after a collision, fall, or other event or take hours to appear. Car accidents, sports injuries, and falls in a store are just a few reasons you may suffer a brain injury. If you do, you need to find the best brain injury attorney for a free consultation.

Understanding the Common Types of Brain Injuries

Learn more about the different types of brain injuries you’ll experience in different situations. These are some of the most common injuries you’ll face that may have been caused by someone else’s negligence. Recovery times depend on the severity and type of injury. You could be out of work or school for weeks or months, which can cause financial difficulty.

Concussions are one of the milder forms of traumatic brain injury. A car accident or sports injury is just one reason they can happen. They may also occur in a fall, by hitting your head hard into another object, or if someone violently shakes you. During a concussion, the brain bounces around in the skull and causes the injury. Contusions are similar, but the brain gets bounced around so much that bleeding occurs and forms hematomas. The brain injury may not appear for hours or even a full day.

Automobile accidents are a leading cause of diffuse axonal injuries (DAIs) of the brain. Many brain injuries are DAIs. This type of brain injury occurs when the axon bundles that connect different areas of the brain are stretched and possibly torn when there’s an impact that whips the head forward and back or from side to side in a hurry.

Hematomas happen when the blow to the head leads to bleeding. That bleeding may occur in the area between the skull and membrane around the brain, the layers of the membrane around the brain, or inside the brain. The pressure of the bleed can damage brain cells.

Skull fractures occur when the bone surrounding the brain is hit so hard that it cracks. When that happens, it impacts the brain’s membrane, blood vessels, and/or brain.

Depending on the type of brain injury, recovery may take months. It’s possible that vision, speech, and cognitive skills are forever impacted. If the injury is bad enough, you may not regain all of your former skills. You may have months of therapy before you start to regain your lost skills. In some cases, the injuries leave you unable to hold the same job or even work again.

Can You Sue After a Brain Injury?

You may be wondering if you can sue after suffering a brain injury. If someone else’s negligence caused your injury, you can sue. It may be necessary to sue. You could have months of physical therapy to undergo. You might have to quit your job and find a new line of work. You may be unable to drive or have the same level of mobility. You’ll have pain and suffering, too. All of this needs to be factored into the money you’ll need while you recover or for the rest of your life.

Back in 2015, employees at a skilled nursing facility were changing bed linens when a staff member rolled an elderly patient to fall. The elderly woman fell to the ground and hit her head. She died around a month later. The family was awarded $1.8 million for her pain and suffering prior to her death.

A Massachusetts family won more than $30 million due to mistakes made during labor and delivery. The doctors didn’t monitor the infant during delivery and had no idea the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and cutting off oxygen to the brain until he was delivered. The traumatic brain injury he suffered left him unable to eat, speak, or walk independently.

Work-related brain injuries are also possible. A construction worker was doing his job when he fell through the ceiling and fell a total of 30 feet. The brain injury left him unable to walk, talk, or provide his own care. He won $24 in a settlement against three companies who had failed to take measures to provide a safe work environment.

Always Ask for a Professional’s Opinion

When a brain injury occurs through no fault of your own, you should discuss your options with a lawyer. To find the best lawyer for a brain injury, look for a personal injury firm with a high success rate. Trial Lawyers for Justice understand the full impact a brain injury has on your life and want to make sure you’re compensated fairly.

The attorneys at TL4J have won more than $1.5 billion in settlements and verdicts for families and victims. A college football player with traumatic brain injuries was awarded $6.9 million. They helped a victim who fell from a hotel balcony win $38.6 million. A woman won $17 million despite the fact that her brain injury wasn’t apparent to some.

When someone’s negligence led to your injuries, you deserve full compensation. It’s going to impact your life in so many ways. Medical bills are just a small part. Call 866-TL4J-LAW to talk to a personal injury attorney. You don’t pay any money unless we win the case.

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