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My Car Accident Is Causing Anxiety. What Should I Do?

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You just heard the squeal of brakes in the distance. Your heart is pounding. You’re shaking. You’re breathing hard and your chest is aching. These are all signs of an anxiety attack. It’s common after you’ve been in a serious car accident.

Several things can trigger feelings of anxiety after a car accident. Getting back behind the wheel is terrifying for some. Poor decisions made by other drivers or pedestrians will get adrenaline rushing. The sounds of traffic are also reasons anxiety increases. You could also be stressed by the medical expense, cost of repairs or a new car, or fears that you’ll never heal. If this sounds familiar, there are some things you should do right now.

Understand What Triggers the Anxiety

Figure out what causes your anxiety. When you feel that rush of adrenaline, stop and assess the situation. Did you hear a car race its engine and draw you back to the day of your accident? What were you thinking when the anxiety attack hit? Did the same song or advertisement that was playing during your accident start playing on the radio? Were you driving in the same location as your accident?

As you figure out what triggers your anxiety, you can slowly work on learning to handle the panic that follows. If you were on a bicycle and were hit by a car backing out of the driveway, you can start slowing down when approaching driveways and look to make sure a car in that driveway isn’t moving. If it is, do what feels safe to you. If you decide it feels best to stop and wait, do that.

If there’s a specific sound that triggers your panic, narrow it down and work on it. If a truck horn is what triggers your anxiety, expose yourself to as many truck horns as you can through online videos and start to desensitize your mind to that noise.

Is the financial strain causing anxiety? You’re missing work due to the stress and anxiety, but you need that money to cover the bills. It becomes a vicious cycle of anxiety over finances and anxiety’s symptoms keeping you from being able to work.

Don’t Ignore It

Never ignore anxiety. It can get worse. The more anxiety attacks you have, the higher the chance of you becoming scared to leave your home. That cycle repeats and makes it hard to function, and that can lead to depression.

Start by Talking to Your Doctor

See your doctor. Anxiety after a car crash is likely caused by post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s not something you should ignore. Ask to see a specialist in PTSD and attend the appointments as recommended. If you’re worried about the cost, talk to your auto insurance company. Medical care for anxiety should be covered under medical expenses if your doctor recommends you see a specialist for your mental health.

If an MRI or CT scan wasn’t performed, ask for one. Traumatic brain injury following a car crash can lead to emotional changes. Anxiety and its range of symptoms may appear out of nowhere. Counseling and medications may be needed to help treat panic attacks. You may need to change your routine so that you’re following a very specific schedule every day. A psychotherapist can help you through it.

Schedule a Consultation With an Attorney Who Specializes in Car Accidents

The final important step is to consult with an attorney. If you’re the victim, the other driver is financially liable for your medical treatments and replacement or repair of your car or bicycle. Make sure you talk to an attorney to get a reasonable settlement. The other driver’s insurance is focused on a fair outcome for their client and not necessarily for you.

Even if you feel the accident was nobody’s fault or possibly your own fault, you should still talk to an attorney. A recall on a component of your car for which you were not notified or roads that were not cared for properly are both reasons the crash may have been beyond your control.

Trial Lawyers For Justice specialize in personal injury cases following a car crash. Don’t let the bills and loss of income add to your increased anxiety after an accident. A lawyer may be able to help. Are you ready to learn more?

This isn’t your ordinary legal firm. The attorneys at Trial Lawyers for Justice take time to understand your situation. They spend time with you and get to know what’s truly important to you and your family. Chat online or call 866-TL4J-LAW for a free consultation regarding your car accident.

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