Ansley O’Brien

Ansley O'Brien



University of Iowa


Ansley O’Brien


Ansley O’Brien pursued her legal education at the esteemed University of Iowa School of Law, where she excelled academically and graduated with distinction in 2022. During her time at the university, Ansley’s exceptional abilities as a legal scholar earned her membership in the prestigious law journal, where she contributed to cutting-edge legal research and scholarship. An advocate for those in need, Ansley actively engaged in public service through her participation as a Federal Criminal Defense Clinic member during her law school tenure. As part of this program, she honed her courtroom skills while assisting those facing criminal charges, ensuring they received a fair and just defense.

Ansley has wasted no time as a first-year Trial Lawyers for Justice Associate. During this time, she played a crucial role in multiple high-profile trials, including the recent landmark case against Chevron, which resulted in a $63 million verdict. During her free time, Ansley enjoys traveling, music, and spending time with family and friends.