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Attorney Referrals

Why do attorneys refer their cases to Trial Lawyers for Justice? We’re Different.

There is no question that our presence on any case will instantly increase the value, which will benefit the client and the referral attorney.
Attorneys who refer cases to other litigation firms often complain that other firms not only DON’T provide bigger results, but phone calls aren’t returned, clients complain that there is no communication, and the referral attorney is forgotten until the referral fee check is issued.
We cherish our relationships with our referral attorneys and our clients. Most of the referral attorneys we work with consider us the best trial firm in the Midwest, and will refer cases only to us.

Attorneys always tell us that as soon as defense counsel or the defendant insurance company is notified that we are involved in the case, their settlement offer immediately and substantially increases.

We are an experienced trial firm, and if an attorney wishes to be involved in the litigation, Trial Lawyers for Justice welcomes the opportunity to train them every step of the way by involving them in the strategy and litigation process of the case. We offer a specialized program for attorneys who wish to stay involved in the progress of the case, and always welcome opportunities to teach attorneys who wish to learn and be involved.



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$40 million for the wrongful death of a 33 year old son



$38.6 million for a young man who suffered a traumatic brain



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