We have locations across the United States and attorneys licensed in many states. 

TL4J Has Attorneys Licensed in states represented by blue

Office Locations

Albuquerque New Mexico Law Firm

Albuquerque, NM

Atlanta Georgia Law Firm

Atlanta, GA

Boston Massachusetts Law Firm

Boston, MA

Bozeman Montana Law Firm

Bozeman, MT

Brooklyn New York Law Firm

Brooklyn, NY

Casper Wyoming Law Firm

Casper, WY

Chicago Illinois Law Firm

Chicago, IL

Decora Iowa Law Firm

Decorah, IA

Denver Colorado Law Firm

Denver, CO

Des Moines Iowa Law Firm

Des Moines, IA

Irvine California Law Firm

Irvine, CA

Juneau Alaska Law Firm

Juneau, AK

Los Angeles California Law Firm

Los Angeles, CA

Ojai California Law Firm

Ojai, CA

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Law Firm

Oklahoma City, OK

Providence Rhode Island Law Firm

Providence, RI

San Diego Law Firm

San Diego, CA

San Francisco Law Firm

San Francisco, CA

Santa Barbara Law Firm

Santa Barbara, CA

Seattle Washington Law Firm

Seattle, WA

St Louis Missouri Law Firm

St. Louis, MO