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Attorneys Nick and Courtney Rowley Comment on the Theft of Pain Medication at Iowa Methodist Medical Center

DES MOINES, Iowa, Feb. 10, 2017  — Attorneys Nick and Courtney Rowley of Trial Lawyers for Justice recently spoke about a high profile case regarding pain medication theft at Iowa Methodist Medical Center.

Between August and October of 2016, a pharmacy technician employed by the hospital was using a syringe to withdraw pain medication and replace it with saline. Nick and Courtney Rowley, along with attorney Andrew Hope of Hope Law Firm, represent nine patients who were treated with diluted pain medication.

“These patients were denied the medication they needed to remain comfortable while receiving medical treatment,” Nick Rowley says. “To make matters worse, patients who were given diluted pain medication will now need to be tested for infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C because the pharmacy technician used dirty needles during the theft.”

“The hospital failed to properly supervise the pharmacy technician for a period of six weeks,” Rowley continues. “The theft of painkillers at Iowa Methodist Medical Center is much more than the negligence of a single employee—it represents a complete institutional failure.

Currently, we represent over 200 patients who were given diluted pain medication and have filed the first set of lawsuits, but there could be more victims out there. In fact, the hospital contacted over 700 patients who may have been affected immediately after they discovered the theft.

“We encourage anyone who stayed in the hospital during this time period to contact us as soon as possible,” Courtney Rowley says. “Together, we can hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence.”

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