Located on the east bank of the Missouri River, Council Bluffs is part of the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. Until 1852, Council Bluffs was known as Kanesville, a city that was best known for its position on the historic Mormon Trail.

Each neighborhood in Council Bluffs has its own unique culture. Casino Row is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Council Bluff and is home to a number of popular casinos, restaurants, shops, and hotels. Thanks to Casino Row, Council Bluffs is the 19th largest casino market in the country.

Another popular neighborhood is the South End, which began to take shape in the 19th century when railroads started to run through this area. Today, residents of the South End can enjoy the historic RailsWest Railroad Museum, Longfellow School and Peterson Park.

Many people work within the dairy, plastics, railroad, and beef packaging industries in Council Bluffs, however there are plenty of employers in the area that operate outside of these fields. One of the largest employers is Google, which introduced 200 jobs to the area in 2009, another 50 in 2013, and 35 more in 2014.

There is much to do and see in Council Bluffs, but unfortunately, many residents are injured while they are out and about exploring the city. Everyone from drivers and property owners to doctors and nurses have a legal obligation to act in a way that does not endanger others. However, this does not stop some people from acting negligently.

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