Lady Luna

Lady Luna




Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia
– Degree in Law



Lady Luna

Lady’s path to the law profession was different from most. She moved to the United States after obtaining a law degree in her native Colombia. Upon arriving in the United States, Lady obtained a certificate in International Business and worked for international companies for over two years. Lady began work as a paralegal, helping Hispanics in California with their personal injury cases. She has used her fluency in both English and Spanish to expertly advocate for clients and ensure that no detail is overlooked. The rewards of these human connections and her empathy for the challenges faced by Latino people inspired Lady to become a licensed attorney here in the United States. Lady is proud to be a part of the small but significant cadre of Hispanic women attorneys in the state of California.

Lady’s motivation has always been to present the stories of injured immigrants, Latinos, and people of color in front of juries. She expertly tells their stories – stories she has encountered ever since she arrived in the United States – and demands commensurate justice on their behalf.

Lady is a licensed attorney in both Colombia and California, a trained lawyer in common and civil law. As part of her legal studies, she participated in alternative dispute resolution programs for personal injury cases and commercial disputes. Over the past six years, she has played an essential role in numerous personal injury and medical malpractice cases, including cases featuring wrongful death and traumatic brain injury.

When Lady is not practicing law, she can be found in a cafe in Colombia or riding her bicycle through canyons in Los Angeles.